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2. Creating colour:
Step 1: Deep semi products into tank of water with chemical for 5 minutes.
This step is for cleaning away oil layer on the surface of semi products.

Step 2: Clean semi products with normal water to partly remove chemical.

Step 3: Deep semi products into tank of other chemical to clean again espscially at the corners welding and folding lines.

All 3 steps are to clean surface of semi-products before dying colour process
Step 4: Dying colour :

Put semi products into a tank of liquid containing some chemical creating colour.
The different colours will be used with different chemical

Meanwhile , continoususly rubbing the surface with cloth until the colour appears on the whole surface
Step 5: Clean semi products again with normal water which in changed new continously
Then carefully clean away water inside products.

Step 6: Drying products within 12hours at 25-30 C degrees

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